Specialized Transfer Case Repair & Service


Quality Transfer Case Maintenance

If your vehicle has 4 wheel drive, then it has a transfer case. Your vehicle’s transfer case transfers power from your engine to both your rear and front axles and transfer case fluid lubricates and cools gears, bearings, and other important parts. It is important to properly maintain your transfer case because it does not have a filter. So, dirt, contaminants, and even metal particles can get into the fluid and cause unnecessary wear. To properly maintain your transfer case, our specialists will drain and replace all fluid and check for leaks and any damage. If your vehicle needs service on its transfer case, Santa Clarita drivers have come to our shop since 2001 for the best service in the area.

Your Transfer Case Experts

Our technicians specialize in transfer case service for all 4 wheel drive cars, trucks, and RVs with standard or automatic transmissions. Whether your transfer case requires maintenance or an actual repair, we will make sure your transfer case is performing its best once your vehicle leaves our shop. We use state-of-art tools and equipment to properly diagnose and repair any issues with your transfer case, and we always make sure to replace all of the fluid when performing maintenance. Our team stands by the quality of our work, with is why we offer ATRA’s Golden Rule 3 year/50,000 mile nationwide warranty on all of our services. Make an appointment today, and you’ll see why we are the choice shop for Santa Clarita transfer case maintenance and repair!