Common Transmission Issues

Common Signs You Need Transmission Repair

Your transmission is a vital component in your vehicle and requires meticulous care and attention to ensure it lasts you for thousands of miles to come. However, many people are unaware that repairing a transmission can be quite costly, which is why it can be helpful to know when your car may be showing signs of needing transmission repair. Below, we’ll provide you with a few easy ways you can check to see if your car’s transmission needs repair or maintenance.

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Grinding or Shaking

Your transmission usually operates smoothly when switching from gear to gear, and you should not be experiencing any grinding, sliding, or shaking vibrations when your car changes gears. However, when transmission begins to have issues, these symptoms can become apparent. If you’re feeling any jarring sensations when the vehicle moves, it’s time for a professional to take a look at it.


Transmission Doesn’t Engage

When you put your car on the drive or the other way around, does it answer immediately, or is there a delay? Does the transmission engage at all? These are both issues that may signify a problem with your transmission and could mean your car needs transmission repair.


Strange Noises

If you begin to hear a whining, buzzing, or cluttering noise in your car’s engine while you are driving, there may be some issues with your transmission. Though the problem might be minimal, it could also signal something worse and should be inspected by a professional.


Transmission Smells Like it is Burning

Your transmission fluid has a critical role in protecting this very costly and complicated device that works properly. When the lubricating power of your transmission fluid decreases, as it does with time and mileage, it causes friction between all parts to be damaged. Friction causes part breakdown and build-up of debris and possibly sludge and could lead to expensive transmission repair.


Gears Slipping

If your car slides out of gear or loses traction while driving, it could be pointing to a significant issue with your transmission and a significant safety issue. If something is malfunctioning here, the signal is not being transmitted correctly, and you should have a certified mechanic inspect it immediately.


Low or Leaking Transmission Fluid

Have you seen a bright red or maybe dirty dark red fluid on your driveway, garage floor, or parking spot? In comparison to motor oil, the transmission fluid does not usually decrease due to time and mileage. So if you see that you’re low in transmission fluids, you may have a transmission leak somewhere and should have it repaired promptly.


Schedule Professional Transmission Repair in Santa Clarita, California

Ignoring any signs that your transmission needs repair could potentially lead to some expensive repairs in the future. In some instances, transmission repair is quick and affordable and can help you avoid a big bill later on. If you have any issues or difficulties with your vehicle’s transmission, come and see us at Competition Transmissions today. With our team of trained mechanics, we provide comprehensive transmission service and maintenance to all of our customers in Santa Clarita, California.

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